Seasons In The Studio

Nature, and the things it inspires..........

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!

We are watching the snow fall on this first day of Christmas.  I love the first snow.  Everything looks fresh and clean and new.  I like the way the light sparkles on the snow covered surfaces, and the Christmas lights look soft and sugar covered.  I have seen deep snows that looked turquoise when the light shines through them.

Winter inspires all kinds of beauty in her stark and lovely way.  Early morning light glistens through tree branches covered in ice, and the sun set turns the snow red in the distant fields.  Bright red birds sit on the branches of my evergreens dusted with snow and look like a Christmas card waiting to be photographed.

There is color in winter.  You don't have to look too far.  How does it inspire you?