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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A little praise for the better half

I just returned from the UPS store after shipping my last two big projects.  I am so excited about these designs being published.  It is a great thing to be able take something that's an idea in your head, translate it to a functional wearable, and complete it.  It isn't always a smooth course, but it's gratifying.  Even nicer that an editor thinks your work is worthy of her publication.  It still feels a little unreal.

What a supportive spouse I have!  Truly.  I couldn't do this without him.  He pitches in when I am swamped, grumpy and tired.  He encourages me when I think I can't meet my deadlines.  He tells me he likes my work.  He is my best cheerleader.  He is a fair critic (even when I don't want to hear it).  He is a guy who is willing to stay up all night watching old movies with me, to keep me company while I work.  What luck to have a spouse who believes in me, and will go get takeout!  I am blessed a hundred times over!

When you run into design disasters, they can be confidence killers.  What is in my head doesn't always translate into fabric, a workable painting, or a good form.  My cheerleader brainstorms with me.  He gently takes the sewing shears from my hand, before I have a chance to cut the thing I just made to pieces.  Did I say I am blessed?

I have always wanted to make art.  I doodled drawings of dresses in my notebooks when I was an elementary school student, probably when I should have been paying attention.  I started sewing very young, and I remember the day my grandmother taught me the first basic crochet stitches.  As a little girl, I grew flowers because I liked seeing something materialize from nothing.  I had my own flower garden before I was 12 years old.  I wanted to be an art major in college, but, for a few reasons, it didn't happen that time around.  I appreciate it all the more now.

I am so lucky to be able to do the thing I have always wanted to do, and luckier still to have a partner who supports my work.  It doesn't matter to him what I make this week.  If I switch gears and go to the studio to make pottery, that suits him just fine.  He likes to see me happy, and making art makes me happy.

There are many ways to express what you see and what inspires you.  You might draw it today, paint it tomorrow, sculpt it another day, embroider it next week.  I had a professor who once told me, "You can run out of time before you run out of ideas."  It is true if you keep your mind open and don't limit your creative options.  It doesn't require a room full of tools and all the supplies money can buy.   It just requires an open mind, a little tenacity, and a loving family.  :)