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Monday, July 11, 2011

Whoa! Is it mid July??!

It can't be possible that July is half over!  Say it ain't so!  Dog days are upon us, and hummingbirds are feeding frantically all day at my feeder!  I bet they're thirsty, it's HOT out!

I looked at the date of the last post and it was March... MARCH!?  Yikes!  I have been too busy to write anything down.  Here is a quick update of the work going on IN the studio this summer.
(While OUTSIDE there is; the new roof, hammering, replacement skylights, drywalling, painting, more hammering, tree trimming, debris everywhere, and other stuff happening to disrupt my thoughts, my work and my hummingbirds.......)
Ah, the joys of home ownership.......

Serious swatching (is that even a word?) is happening here.  I got the coolest yarns at the conference last year.  I picked up some more at the MS&W festival in May.  I have a very nice palette of colors and textures to work with here.  I literally have more ideas than I have time to make things.  So I am making swatches to preserve the ideas until I can convert them to real projects.  And along those lines.....

I am in real need of more training.  My creative ideas have exceeded my knowledge of garment design.  I am taking the three course series offered by Dora O (   Garment making.  It can make one's brain hurt.   It is a fantastic course, but hard!  So, I have a small and weak excuse for not updating the blog.  I am busier than God!  (I just love it.)

Upcoming plans will include the CGOA conference in Greensboro this September.  I will take another 24 hours of design and technique classes.  This will be the third year for me.  It has become the high point of the year, too.  I ALWAYS load up on the classes, two per day, for 4 days.  I ALWAYS end up totally exhausted.  Every year I sleep all...the...way...home.  Every year I can't wait to go back!  It is a mind expanding event!
I wish I had time to learn to knit too...... There is next year.......  SIGH!

So, about the designs floating in my head.  Botanical things for spring, lots of cool ideas there, but I have to keep them secret.  I also have some ideas for the fab yarns from Habu Textiles (  These are some of the coolest fibers you will ever see.  Pricey.  Precious.  But cool, very cool.  Very wabi-sabi.

And... I saved the best for last.......Three of my first four designs ever submitted for publication are published in the new issue of CROCHET! Magazine.  Fall 2011  The shawl is my most favorite, but they all are nice.  You really must rush out and buy a copy.  Get one for a friend too.  I think the shawl looks like a watercolor painting.  It looks the way I saw it in my head.  It is on the cover too!  (I feel the need to pinch myself.)  Just to give a plug to the yarn companies; I used CPY Mini Mochi yarn for the shawl (, Jojoland "Harmony" for the Turning Leaves Scarf (, and there is a pattern for the "Cosmos Baby Blanket" somewhere in the magazine, featuring Caron "Simply Soft" yarn (  Good yarns all!

I have to thank Carol Alexander for all the nice words about my work, for taking my shawl to the TNNA conference (I had no idea you were doing that) and for selecting the shawl as the Editors Choice.  I know how many designs you must look at every day, I appreciate what a high honor this is.  That it is my first submission to you just boggles my mind.  (Perhaps I should retire while I am ahead!)

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my CGOA mentor Susan Lowman for being there again and again (and again!). You answered all my questions, and helped me learn how to write patterns.  I can't thank you enough for telling me this is possible, and for saying you are PROUD of me.  I hope you know how much those words mean to me! I am so lucky to have you in my life Susan!  I could write a whole blog post about the CGOA mentoring program and you!  (and maybe I will, soon!)  I never would have tried this if not for you.  I am so glad we connected at the conference last year.