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Friday, February 13, 2015

Crimson Fiesta Shawl

When I spotted the yarn in a booth at the CGOA conference in 2012, I knew what I was going to make with it.  I had played with an idea for some time, and when this yarn jumped out at me, I grabbed it and got going!  In retrospect, a lighter weight yarn might have been better for the job, but, I would still be crocheting the shawl if I had used a lace weight yarn instead of the fingering weight I purchased.

I love leaves, and flowers, and enjoy being able to work them into all kinds of art.  The Russian crocheters do this kind of art so much better than I, but since this was one of my first attempts at a design like this, I think it came out alright.  I learned a number of things along the way, and I know what I would do differently next time.

My goal was to enter this design into the CGOA design competition in Manchester New Hampshire in 2014.  This would be my first entry into any kind of crochet design competition.

Since I crochet so slowly, this work was in progress for some time.  The largest leaves took at least a day each, and the smaller leaves took between one hour and several hours each.  From the time I started making swatches, until the time I finished the design, was about a year.

I am so pleased the judges liked the work enough to award it second place in the category (accessories). I am very inspired to do more work like this, with botanical themes.  I want to thank WEBS for their generous award, and for sponsoring the 2014 CGOA design competition.  Check them out at:

All the design competition entries can be viewed on the following blogs or photo pools:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Has it REALLY been a year???

My goodness.  I can't believe it's been a year since I updated the blog!  Life keeps me so busy that I haven't found time.  Here's a small update.

I decided in early 2014 to enter the CGOA design competition for the first time.  I had something in mind, however, I didn't realize how long it would take to complete this project.   I started working on the design in earnest, in early 2014.   I had numerous other design projects going as well.

I completed the design entry in June and sent it in.  Whew!
Then I waited……….

Winners were announced at the CGOA/TKGA conference in July.  The result……Second place in the Accessories category!
Amazement followed…….

Here are some photos of the design!  In progress…..

And completed..