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Patterns- la Boheme Shawl

This is my crochet version of the "Famous" Shawl from Fiesta Yarns.  It is a simple pattern, crocheted from the bottom up.  I will be experimenting some more with this pattern in some other Fiesta Yarns in my stash.  I used 2 skeins of La Boheme in the color "Sandstone".  This is some of the first yarn I ever bought, and I have been saving it for something special.  It has a lovely sheen from the rayon and the mohair is soft and warm.

I did not have any of the problems others have reported with this yarn.  Specifically, I have been told by knitters that the two strands become misaligned and the colors don't match.  It must be a problem unique to knitting and this yarn.  I used a rather large hook (6.5mm) (K), and never had any trouble at all.  I steam blocked with a press cloth and the iron on a low temperature setting.

This shawl is as light as air.  It is also warm.  I wore it around my neck all winter.  I will make more.  Easy as pie and would work well with any mohair blend yarn.
I decided not to add fringe like the knitted version has.  It uses a lot more yarn and I didn't want all the extra length.  I wanted a shorter version so I could wrap it around my neck and use it to keep the wind from getting inside my collar.  It worked very well for this.